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About us

Seto is a design label created by Keita and Naoyo Seto, a husband wife team . We started on September 9, 1999. (a.k.a. 9brand)

Working from the idea that we can all learn from living things, we have created a line of products which mimic shapes, patterns and functions found in nature. Our product line includes bags mimicking living thing, educational toys, interior products, graphic designs, and so on. Additionally, Through our works, the ideas are always derived from animism.

Seto's products are available through the our original online store (only for Japan), pinkoi (for outside Japan), at our studio & shop in Kamakura city, close to Tokyo, or several dealers.

Also, we create designs with other companies to extend our thought .

Keita Seto(1972〜)
Born in Tokyo. Spent a short time in the United States in childood. Love creatures. Love Kung fu and Karate which adopt the movement of creatures. Such as, Uechi-ryu, Hung gar, White crane, Southern Shaolin style and Tai-chi. love music and play japanese traditional instruments, especially "Chan-chiki".

Associate Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design.

Naoyo Seto(1973〜)
Born in Nagoya. Love handicrafts and sawing. Sense of sawing is from mother and grand mother. Love pure literature. Sometimes bake bread. Sometimes practice Taichi with a daughter.

Foot print

Start small shop"9brand" in Tokyo.

"Tigger Camoflage": Join "D_100", the 100 years of celebration of Walt Disney

"Pranalia Duster": the remakable Tee shirt for Muji
"Mino-case"; presented at the exhibit of Nike Japan, "RECONSTRUCT"
Keita did several works for LEGO as a free-lance designer.(2002 ̄2003)

"M.O.C system for disney"; presented at "dlab Tokyo" of Walt Disney
"Furoshiki" is selected for the one of "100 of Japanese Design" by Japan Foundation Prize:
"M.O.C system" got Good Design Awards.

"Crittermask": the masks of creatures for Global Village, Expo 2005 Aichi Japan
Published "Crittercard"

Released the series of "dapipa" (DADWAY, Inc.)
Exhibit: "Emergence" (at tortoise, Los Angels)

Moved to Kamakura city

"Yamori magnet" are selected as Neaf's collection.
We changed our name from "9brand" to"Seto".
MoMA store started to sell our "M.O.C system".

Start graphic works for the Yokohama ZOO.
Kids design award "Slit block".

Good design award "Paintdots".
Publish "Temusubi".

Exhibition"Japan_Tradition・Innovation"_Canadian museum of civilization.
Our laptop case "Furoshiki" was selected as one of part of Canada's national collection.

Graphic works for Kanagawa art muesum "Beads in Africa".

Graphic works for Kanagawa muesum-Earth Plaza "Masks".
Kids art class for Coleman "Bagworm Mobile".

Exhibition at Museo Chini "Temusubi"
Kids art class for Coleman "Baloon animals".
Kids art class for Patagonia "Bagworm Mobile".

Art direction for kids play ground "Kodomonia".
Collaboration works with an educational institution "JIYUGAKUEN".
Exhibition at Musee Bernard Buffet "pices of nature".

Released Cork block stool 20.30.45 ("JIYUGAKUEN". )
Kids art class for Musee Bernard Buffet "Patterns of living things".
Exhibition at Musee Bernard Buffet "pices of nature".
Exhibition at JIYUGAKUEN "Pebbles"

Released textile design of japanese ancient writing"Kuzushiji-mon" (NIHU)

Art direction for "Uganda Wildlife Conservation Project" with Yokohama Zoological garden

Designed wooden toy "Naef spin" (Naef)

Seto 1-6-23-2F Omachi Kamakura-city, 248-0007, Japan tel+fax:+81-(0)467-22-3441 (Sorry, we are not a good English speaker.)

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